Natural Majesty, Spellbinding Experiences

Extraordinary nature. Easy access. Vibrant culture. Amazing variety. Modern conveniences. One island, endless discoveries.

Say "Hello" to Phuket

Extraordinary Nature

More than just beaches

While Phuket may be home to more than 30 amazing beaches, it certainly has a whole lot more to offer...

  • Exceptional wonders. For most long-haul visitors and urban dwellers, Phuket surrounds are unlike what they live with on a daily basis. It is a glimpse of paradise.
  • Natural appeal. All the elements of Phuket’s nature comes together to form a picturesque island.
  • The whole package. Although it is not widely promoted, Phuket offers more than famous beaches and islands with desirable water quality. There are spectacular waterfalls in expansive wildlife reserves. The island is laced with mountains and every corner is surrounded by tropical foliage.

Boundless Discovery

An abundance of activities for all ages

Phuket offers visitors of all ages an exciting array of activities for a truly memorable holiday.

  • Numerous and diverse activities. Visitors can stay for an extended period on the island without ever getting bored.
  • Perfect for families. Offerings are catered to all ages — from toddlers to teens to middle-agers to retirees — making it easy for multi-generation families to travel together.
  • Endless experiences. Travellers can come back year after year and experience new and different things; vacations can evolve with guests' age and interests.
  • Customised vacations. Guests can create their own, niche holidays; it’s easy to plan a whole trip according to interests.

Cultural Harmony

A unique cultural blend

  • Elements of many cultures. From Malay – Peranakan to Islam to Thai, Phuket has a spectrum of ethnicities that have contributed to the beauty and flavor of the island.
  • Colorful communities. Visitors are able to see the melting pot of cultural influences and how island customs meet modern developments.
  • Religious harmony. The Muslim and Buddhist community live peacefully side-by-side. Their mutual love for Phuket and the desire to keep their homeland peaceful unites them.

Accessible Escapes

Convenience and modern comforts put exotic exploration within everyone's reach

  • Well connected. Direct flights from major cities in the region and around the world make Phuket an easy destination to get to, whether for a quick weekend getaway or a long vacation.
  • Nearby excursions. Connectivity to nearby islands and beaches means travelers can enjoy a variety of experiences while maintaining a single home base on Phuket.
  • Modern infrastructure. Visitors to Phuket can enjoy a feeling of "getting away from it all" without sacrificing everyday creature comforts and conveniences.