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Phuket Green Day 2023

Date : Friday 21 & Saturday 22 April 2023

Time : 8.00 AM – 17.00 PM


The Phuket Green Day is a corporate social responsibility initiative launched in collaboration by The Phuket Hotels Association’s Environment Committee. 

Phuket Green Day 2021

Date : Thursday 1 April 2021

Time : 8.00 AM – 11.00 AM


Phuket Green Day is an organised Corporate Social Responsible initiative launched by The Phuket Hotels Association’s Environmental & Sustainability Working Group in support of the PHIST (Phuket Hotels for Islands Sustaining Tourism) event which will see volunteers across the island unite to fight ocean and land pollution.

PHIST 2020 Virtual Event

This year’s Phuket Hotels for Islands Sustaining Tourism (PHIST 2020) event is breaking down borders and going virtual.

On Tuesday 15 September, Asia’s largest and most innovative movement to bring sustainability to the region’s hospitality and tourism industry will take place in a single day, online format. With over 1,200 expected to participate, this will be the third year for this high-energy event.

Special Flash Virtual Event

Special Flash Virtual Event – Phuket Tourism & Safe and Sealed Event

A special one-hour event online Thursday 3rd September from 10:00 to 11:00 am( Bangkok time). Given the current Safe and Sealed program initiative of the Thai government, revised ALSQ rules and member hotels are doing their 2021 budgets. We have assembled a select group of speakers to present extremely relevant content.