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10 Amazing Things to do in Phuket

Phuket is one of South East Asia’s most intriguing destinations, a wonderland of magical things to do. With untouched beaches, temples and thrilling activities to experience; here are 10 things you absolutely must try.

Parasail over Windmill Viewpoint

Named for a white wind turbine on the viewpoint overlooking Ya Nui Beach this hill offers stunning views for sunset seekers and paragliders. At the top of the viewpoint parasail thrill seekers take off and ride draft currents that push them towards nearby Nai Harn Beach. Parasail classes are available from operators at viewpoint when wind conditions are favourable.

Visit Koh Kaew Yai – Buddha’s First Siam Step

Just off Cape Promthep lies Koh Kaew Yai where legend has it that the Buddha took his first step into then Siam. Now it is home to a small community of monks, mostly on retreat to this small picturesque island. Doting the landscape there are also several small Buddhist shires and a large Buddha statue and plus several other memorials to explore.

Chalong Bay Rum Cocktail Workshop

An original and fun addition to the Chalong Bay Rum distillery experience is a cocktail workshop with a chance to sample your creations. This activity is available for a minimum of four persons and lasts about two hours. Guests learn how to properly mix four or five cocktails of their choice (choose from 12 listed cocktail) and then sip to their heart’s content.

Phuket Art Village

Phuket Art Village in Rawai is an eclectic live-work community of studios, galleries and specialty shops housed in colourful reclaimed wooden cottages. Shadow puppet shows at Come Peng Studio are held the first Saturday of each month, from 5:30 – 11 pm, featuring the performance art of southern Thailand. Curious visitors seeking authenticity should definitely visit here.

Adrenalin Fuelled Adventure

Phuket offers an adventure which is fun for the whole family, serving up excitement like no other destination with tropical jungle zip lines, jungle trekking, elephant safaris, off road ATV adventures and many other action-packed activities.

Small, Secret Beaches

Those with an adventurous spirit, a set of wheels and a Phuket map can discover some beach gems that will have you coming back for more. Ao Sane is an attractive place to spend an afternoon; Nui Beach is one of the most beautiful ‘secret beaches’ in Phuket; there is no beating Banana Beach for off peak tranquillity and its beach restaurant.

Kruvit Floating Restaurant

Kruvit Restaurant is the only floating live seafood restaurant in Phuket. It’s easy to find on Laem Hin Pier with complimentary long tail boat service to their large bamboo restaurant raft. Most memorable are the live fish, shellfish and sea creatures caught on sea or farmed on the raft, while dining al fresco floating on the sea at lunchtime or sunset. This combination makes every meal at Kruvit Restaurant an unforgettable experience.

Yacht Charter ‘Safaris’ to Hidden Islands

Phuket visitors can experience ‘Castaway’ like deserted island moments to a quiet hidden beach by private yacht charter. These offer a one-of-a-kind opportunity to choose from a unique fleet of motor catamarans, yachts or cruisers. All are available for day charters exploring remote islands, limestone caves and secluded secret coves with white sandy beaches.

Rawai Fish Market

The Rawai Fish Market offers the freshest seafood and assurance your purchase benefits the local community and family-run businesses; that’s an attraction all by itself. The actual dining part is easy, just carry your still-wriggling seafood purchases from market to restaurants on the other side of the street, and have them cooked on the spot as per your preference.

Lost in Phuket Town

One favourite past time is to head to Phuket Town and get lost. There are heaps of restaurants, cafes, shops, art galleries and Sino Portuguese architecture to keep anyone occupied. Phuket Town’s historic architectural quarter is compact enough to go on walkabout with or without a map. Visitors can walk a few hours or chill and take slow over the course of a full day.

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