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Getting to Know the Phuket Farmers Club

A collaborative community comprised of gardeners and artisans fully committed to promoting a more sustainable lifestyle, the Phuket Farmers Club promotes and facilitates the aforementioned lifestyle by learning and teaching organic gardening and DIY techniques to all. 

The mission of the Phuket Farmers Club is to connect us all back to nature, and since opening in 2016, the Club has actively supported the Permaculture movement through both experimentation and demonstration. Members of the Club truly ‘Walk the Talk’ and constantly experiment with new techniques to improve not only their individual skills, but also their knowledge of Phuket’s tropical environment. All of the plants in the gardens of the Phuket Farmers Club are grown organically. The Club also makes their own compost as well as experiment with natural fertilize and pesticides recipes. 

The members of the Phuket Farmers Club believe that ‘Sharing is Caring’ and are delighted to organize visits for children and adults to the establishment. Workshops are also a possibility, and through both initiatives visitors are allowed a total hands-on experience that showcase a wide variety of fun, sustainable gardening techniques. 

Another program offered by the Phuket Farmers Club that greatly benefits the community is their ‘Farm to Table’ approach. The Club liaises with local gardeners and artisans and supports them by bringing their finest products to each Club member. Members receive a newsletter every Wednesday with a list of seasonal fruits and vegetables, PFC and artisanal products which are available for delivery on Friday. A variety of health supplements, probiotic cabbages, and free-range duck and chicken eggs are just some of the wonderful and tasty items that members can order for either retail or wholesale. 

Becoming a member of Phuket Farmers Club is extremely cost effective. The membership for one year is a mere 1,000 THB. It really is great value for the plethora of items that are available from passionate local gardeners and artisans. To learn more about a membership to Phuket Farmers Club, visit the Membership section of their website.

Additionally, for those eco-conscious families in Phuket who are interested in learning to grow their own organic fruits and vegetables, the Phuket Farmers Club offers a unique Eco Consulting Service. After a complete site analysis of your home garden, based on individual needs and wants, the Club will then design your garden including the layouts and dimensions of all the elements. Creating an organic garden will help your family lead a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. 

One of the core initiatives of the Phuket Hotels Association is Environment and the Phuket Farmers Club perfectly aligns with this initiative. Within the Association, the Environmental Committee assists member hotels and also our partners in reducing the negative impacts of tourism on the island, looking at recycling, reducing waste, and many other ways to keep Phuket amazing for now and for generations to come. The Phuket Farmers Club promotes a more sustainable lifestyle through organic gardening which is sure to benefit our entire island community. 

To learn more, visit the Phuket Farmers Club on Facebook or their website.