Good News Phuket

Green Planet Learning Hub

The Phuket Hotels Association would like to offer you the opportunity to give something back to the local community – an island community which has been an important part of making Phuket one of the most desirable travel and tourism destinations in the world. 

Who We Are

The Phuket Hotels Association is a representative body of leading international and local hotel brands in Phuket, a non-profit organization formed in January 2016. The association currently has 76 member establishments in a cooperative network of among the best names in the Phuket hotel industry. The Association’s primary aim is to support our members and partners in their continued success by promoting a well-rounded and dynamic picture of Phuket to travelers from around the world. 

We wish to celebrate the island’s diversity of natural beauty and its vibrant culture while also providing educational scholarships, environmental initiatives and other community-based activities to help develop the island’s human capital and ensure a bright future, both for the local tourism industry and the local community.

What We Are Doing

We are introducing a Phuket Hotels Association driven community-based green initiative and Thai student centric activity learning facility focusing on delivering an Environment & Sustainability education program and hands-on workshop. The Association endeavors to create an eco-friendly environment for sustainability experiences and workshops based around recycled plastic. 

The Green Planet Learning Hub will feature a green learning center/workshop curriculum catered for Thai students (ages between 8-15 years old) as a first step. Workshops are conducted in Thai language for up to 40 students per 2-hour sessions. Offered all year round, the programs and workshops are free for Thai students with no cost for participation. 

Why the Green Planet Learning Hub?

The Green Planet Learning Hub will provide education and awareness raising programs regarding Environment & Sustainability to Thai students between 8-15 years of age in Phuket. Our aim is to educate 5,000 Thai children per year – approximately 100 students per week. The Green Planet Learning Hub will provide hands-on experience as a sustainability learning center for Thai students in order to experience first-hand composting, water treatment and organic farming activities. 

The Green Planet Learning Hub is a grass roots educational facility to set the benchmark for Phuket community action in sustainability. It will be a classroom activity learning and education center where children can experience first-hand eco activities. Delivered in the Thai language, the personalized eco-curriculum will be aimed at raising awareness and delivering education on sustainability and environment. 

How You Can Help

In order to implement the Green Planet Learning Hub, space sponsored by Blue Tree, teachers and facilitators, classroom fit-out and to develop a dedicated curriculum/program. The Green Planet Learning Hub for a teaching space to conduct the environment & sustainability classes and workshops. The classroom space will need to be fitted. One Thai teacher and one teacher’s assistant will be required to teach hands-on experience on composting, recycling, and organic gardening activities. 

The Green Planet Learning Hub endeavors to open by May 2020, however, in order to open and operate at full capacity, the learning hub requires 3.2 million baht which will be accessed through donations and crowdsourcing. 

How You Can Benefit

Aside from helping to give back to the community, the planned Green Planet Learning Hub will present an unrivaled opportunity to connect and partner with the general managers and owners of Phuket’s leading hotels as well as the stakeholders involved in facilitating Southeast Asia’s largest annual green hospitality event, Phuket Hotels for Islands Sustaining Tourism (PHIST).

How You Can Donate

Where Your Donations Go

Donations will go to funding the Green Planet Learning Hub in order to provide access to Thai students to a personalized eco-friendly curriculum and hands-on environment and sustainability classroom experiences, workshops and activities.