P’Chock’s Garden at Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort

While on holiday, children who might not have access to green spaces in their daily life can learn how to nurture seeds, plants and the natural environment at P’Chock’s Garden. 

Filled with multi-colored chilies, Thai basil, winged beans, cucumbers and other organic herbs and vegetables, the garden is also home to a number of retired chickens who were so happy in their new home that they started to lay eggs once again. The garden makes the resort’s chefs happy, as they use the herbs, vegetables and eggs to create spectacular dishes in the Hyatt Regency’s various restaurants. 

A labour of love started by the Chief Engineer at the Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort, P’Chock, the garden which holds his namesake is a vibrant, organic space which serves as a hands-on educational experience for those staying at the property.

As part of the Camp Hyatt experience of fun and educational activities for children, P’Chock’s Garden affords the opportunity for children to get their hands dirty while learning how to nurture plants, seeds and the natural environment. Children can take part in the “Certified Green Fingers” program. If the children who participate pass with flying colors, they are able to take home a small bag of Rainbow Chili seeds to hopefully plant in their own garden or window box. A certificate is also presented as a souvenir of the hard work put in during the training course. 

Children can also get up close and personal with the retired chickens who spend their days roaming around P’Chock’s Garden. The chickens are very old, retired if you will, and were donated by a local farmer so that they could live out the rest of their days in an oceanfront resort. Something miraculous happened when the chickens became accustomed to their new home at Hyatt Regency Resort Phuket. They were so happy that they started to lay eggs again! The chickens lay one egg per day, almost as a way of saying thank you to P’Chock and the rest of the resort staff who look after them. 

We all know that caring for the planet is paramount, and it is wonderful to know fo such programs like the one at P’Chock’s Garden being offered to hotel & resort guests while they are on holiday in Phuket. Children love to learn, and hands-on activities such as gardening engage all of the senses while teaching responsibility and honing fine motor development. 

Hyatt Regency Resort Phuket is a member of Phuket Hotels Association, and P’Chock’s Garden aligns perfectly with the Association’s Core Environmental Activities. The Association’s Environmental Committee assists member hotels in reducing the negative impacts of tourism on the island, looking at recycling, reducing waste, and many other ways to keep Phuket amazing for now and for generations to come.

If you are interested in learning more about P’Chock’s Garden, visit the garden’s dedicated Facebook page or Instagram account. Feel free to email [email protected] or visit for more information.

Looking for other ways to get involved in environmentally sustainable practices in Phuket, whether you are a local, expat or holidaymaker? Plans for the second installment of Phuket Hotels for Islands Sustaining Tourism Forum (PHIST) 2019 are now well underway. Mark your calendars for 23 September 2019 to attend this innovative event that rallies the hotel industry and its stakeholders to discuss environmental sustainability and how it benefits the community. Visit to secure your attendance or to learn more.