The Environmental Sustainability Consultant Who Changes the World

Meet Marissa Jablonski; a true heroine. She is an environmental sustainability consultant who helps people, organizations and companies to transition toward more environmentally sustainable ways of living and working. She travels all around the globe to help improve water quality and reduce plastic pollution. Read all about her amazing work and accomplishments!

When All Good Newz first read about Marissa, we already knew that we wanted to feature her in an interview article. She is pure purpose, inspiration and passion! And thanks to the internet and Facebook, we were able to reach out to her. For being only one person, she has accomplished amazing results. Naturally, we wanted to feature her; in order to make our readers aware of how much one single individual can do and change.

A true passion for the environment

Why did you choose this line of work? Why plastics and the environment?

“I was born caring for the environment. There was no turning back after I celebrated my first Earth Day in Kindergarten. I helped my dad make a compost pile, and started realizing that science and teaching was a super way to spread the message! The plastics started when the US Embassy had a need for it. Otherwise, I was working at the United States Agency for International Development as an Environmental Advisor/Scientist.”

It clearly shows that she was born to do this work! Even through the internet, when reading one of her blog stories, watching her on YouTube or reading a news article about her, you can feel her motivation and drive! It’s exactly people like Marissa who can bring about change to our world, when it comes to issues related to sustainable development, pollution or different lifestyle choices.

Plastic waste reduction and the power of one!

You work with both plastic pollution- and clean water-related areas, can you tell us more about your work, or perhaps a special project?

“Yes, in 2018 I was selected to help the US Embassy of Thailand and the Phuket Hotels Association to create and run a 5-part program that ultimately helped 65 associated hotels reduce their plastic straws by 1.6 million and their plastic water bottles by 4.4 million.”

1.6 million plastic straws and 4.4 million plastic bottles! Take a moment and let those number sink in! On the one hand, it is extraordinary how much Marissa could accomplish doing just this one project and in such a short amount of time. On the other hand, the numbers give a hint of the enormous scope of the problem. Therefore, Marissa’s work is extremely necessary and important. In order to achieve environmental sustainability, many more people like her will have to start projects like these, everywhere in the world.

“Depending on the day and the wind and the tide, you can read the language on the plastic and find out which country it is coming from.” – Marissa Jablonski

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