Zeavola’s Little Green Book

Koh Phi Phi’s boutique upscale resort Zeavola is behind the impressive new Little Green Book, which was recently released.

Authored by General Manager Florian Hallermann, the story documents an eleven year journey the independent resort has taken on environmental initiatives. He is delighted that guests can now purchase ‘The Little Green Book’ online His book is an amusing insight into the challenges that he has faced in creating sustainable luxury in a remote destination.

The book is an honest look at the hotel operation on a remote island in the Andam Sea, it can function as a great souvenir for guests who already stayed at the Hotel, or a great intro for guests who are considering the Zeavola as the destination of their next vacation. What ever is the reason to download the book, there are personal stories that have involved naughty cockerels, fat snakes and cute kitties, not to mention red tractors, vanishing sand, and sea gypsies.

All of the proceeds of this book will directly be immersed into other sustainability projects, working keenly with the local community and the ongoing protection of this fragile environment.

Hallermann will be speaking at the upcoming PHIST 2019 event on September 23rd at the Hilton Arcadia Phuket. To register, click here.